Calling in the Ancestors

Can you hear the drums?  

Way down deep 

and deeper still

They are calling from the depths where the Ancient Ones have been with you always

but we don’t always hear

or want to hear

We know those Wise Ones

as intimately as our own skin

The time is now

Our Sacred Earth needs us to step up

Our Sisters and Brothers need our helping hands

The Cosmic Realm is asking us to come out of hiding

We are being asked to step forward and become the Wise Ones for the future

We are being asked to step forward into the light

We are being asked to do our work

Do you hear the drums calling?

Are you ready?

We have work to do

Will you join us?


Do you sometimes feel like the work in front of you is too big to do on your own?

Is the burden too heavy? The task too large for your small life?

Do you wonder how you fit into this great cosmos?

We have been contemplating these questions for a long while now. Our questions led us down two different paths that have intersected into a singular point of power that is nothing short of magical.

Are you ready to enter that portal? Are you willing to throw yourself into the Mystery and reach for the threads of ancestral connection? The Wise Ones have been reaching out to you since the day you were born. Are you ready to see who walks with you? Willing to listen to their messages for you? 

Not just listen, but hear

Not just hear, but act?

The Earth is calling. She needs our help. We are being asked to step up and do our unique piece of the work. Not just think about it. Not just talk about it. Do it. We all have our parts to play.

Be warned, however. This is dangerous terrain we will be navigating. Messy. Uncontrollable. Murky with shadows. Or suddenly, terrifyingly, lightning-bolt clear. You. Will. Be. Changed. And when you emerge, that change will inform everything you do and ripple forward to change the world in front of you. 

Your path may become clearer . . . and demand more from you. Or the way forward may remain shrouded; your work might be to step forward in Trust. Calling In Your Ancestors means you will know in your bones that you never again have to walk that path or do that work alone.

If something within you rose up at these words, please consider joining us. We would be honoured to share the tools of journeywork and paintbrush as we navigate this dangerous and life-giving terrain together.  

Calling in the Ancestors

May 30 - June 2, 2019

Didsbury, Alberta

The Details


Along with four amazing days of journeywork and Intentional Creativity Painting . . .

. . . we are delighted to offer you:

Daily refreshments

Two lunches and one dinner

A large canvas Portal where your Ancestor will take form

All painting supplies

A magical goodie bag of tools and treats

The Investment

Early Bird pricing (full payment by February 9th)  $500 

Regular pricing (full payment by April 30) $575 

Late registration (full payment by May 15) $650

The Where and the When

Didsbury 5-0 Club

2500 - 15th Avenue

Didsbury, Alberta

Thursday, May 30 (12:00 - 5) 

Friday, May 31 (10 - 5)

Saturday, June 1 (10 - 5)

Sunday, June 2 (10 - 2-ish)

What to Bring

Journal and pen


Something for the altar

Yoga mat/blanket/pillow


Comfortable clothes to paint in

Snacks/water bottles

A mug

Favorite paintbrushes (if you have them)

Next Step

To register, or for answers to further questions, contact me via email at or by phone/text (403-650-9080).