Tea for Three

Sometimes, our deepest yearning is to be held, heard, and accepted without judgement.

Often, we don't realize that we already know the answers to our most insistent questions until we find ourselves engaging in one of those rare conversations where we feel safe enough to dare to speak that Truth aloud.

Always, our answers lie within us, waiting for the spacious generosity of a listening heart to provide a safe container for them to surface.

Do you have an unbiased, listening ear in your life?

Someone who can hear the whole, uncensored story without flinching?

Someone who welcomes all your wild imaginings while you wrestle with Truth?

Someone who can tease out the story beneath the story or navigate the complicated terrain of a major decision without an agenda? (However loving and well-intentioned that agenda might be?)

If you are lucky enough to have that kind of person in your life, what the heck are you doing here?

Get yourself within listening distance of that person ASAP!

If you don't have that kind of person in your life, I'd love to step into that role.

I promise to Listen Deeply without judgement or bias or agenda and ask the Beautiful Questions that arise from that deep listening space. 

Together, we'll sift the jewels from the rubble and listen away enough of the noise to finally hear the still, quiet voice of Truth.

Just to be clear . . .

I will not give you answers.

You already have the answers within you.

My role is to listen them out of you.

Tea for Three: You, Me, and Whatever is Wanting

 to be Expressed. 

The Details

Deep Listening takes a lot of concentration.

I can maintain my focus for about 90 minutes before I start going 'blurry.' In fact, I find that's about the ideal length of time for any kind of tea party. 

And that might be the perfect amount of time for you to express what's going on for you. Ninety minutes is a long time when you don't have to fight for air space with anyone else! 

If you need more time, we can always make another tea date. 

I can listen equally well in person or over the phone. (You'll just have to make your own cup of tea before we start our phone conversation.)

$50/hour paid immediately following our time together. We can talk about which payment method works best for you when we make our date.

What is Wanting to be Expressed?

If your soul is clamouring to be heard, please know, my soul is committed to listening. Deeply.

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Send me a note and we'll set up a time to meet, 

either in person or over the phone. 

In the Meantime . . .

. . . if you'd like to receive updates about What is Wanting to be Expressed in my own life, let me know and I'll keep you in the loop. (I promise they won't be boring or sell-y or come too often.)