Welcome! I'm so glad we found each other!

My name is Maxine. I'm here to Provide Sanctuary.

I started out by creating a safe, nurturing home where my loved ones could rest and dream and explore and be who they were without judgment or fear. 

For over twenty years I was 'just a mom,' but a mom who listened deeply, studied widely, transformed continually, asked Beautiful Questions, and wrote stories in the tiny cracks between the daily tasks and sublime epiphanies of motherhood. When my sons stepped into adulthood, I thought I had to set aside my mothering cloak. All my Beautiful Questions merged into one: "How, then, do I serve?"

The answer? Continue providing sanctuary. 

It may look a little different from mothering my boys. But then again, maybe not. We can all benefit from resting in a good story or being deeply heard or travelling with a loving companion who holds our hand while we remember who we really are and what we're here to do.


What kind of sanctuary are you craving?

Solo Sanctuary


The kind that involves curling up with a good book.

Tea for Three


You, me, and whatever is 

wanting to be expressed.

Soul Medicine


Retreats from ordinary reality for learning, growth, and healing.

I'm going to be writing some letters . . .

Part of the letters will be about ways you can create sanctuary in your own life. They might also include tidbits about my writing or something I'm wondering about or something I've learned and am excited to share with you or a new idea for something we could do together. (Or all of the above!) I find these days, no matter how hard I try, I cannot commit to a schedule so I'm going to honour that. My letters may come monthly. Or maybe seasonally. We'll see how it all unfolds!

I also have a blog!

Which is a nice way to stay in touch


I write about pretty much whatever strikes my fancy. 

Who knows? It might strike yours!

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Here's What's Up These Days

Expanding Love


February 9, 2019

My friend, Laura, was tired of Valentines always being about romantic love. 

"What about all the other kinds of love in the world?" she asked, (rather vehemently, I might add).

 So we created a workshop that explores all those other kinds of love. 

Check out the details here.

Three Stories for Navigating Change


February 14, 2019

Thanks to another friend, Gwen, I will be speaking at the 31st Annual Rimbey Women's Conference.

Thirty-first annual!

They have to be doing something right to have such incredible staying power.

Check out the conference (and my part in it) here.

Calling in the Ancestors


May 30 - June 2, 2019

And yet another friend (I am so blessed in the friends department) asked me to partner with her to bring this workshop to life.

We will do journeywork and Intentional Creativity Painting to connect with and paint a loving and supportive Ancestor into form.

Find out more here