The Author


(From the back cover of the book.)

Maxine Spence lives with her family in Didsbury, Alberta. Leaf is the first of several stories that have been living inside her for a good many years. Eventually, she will coax them all out to play in the great, wide world.


The Story


A gentle story about gracefully accepting change.

Leaf masquerades as a children's book, but it speaks just as eloquently to adults as it does to the children they are reading to. (Often more so.) 

It might be that this story is especially poignant when we're cuddled up with our wee ones. Suddenly, we understand, at a visceral level, that nothing lasts forever and we need to cherish these cozy moments in the company of these amazing little people. Much sooner than we would like, they will be grown and gone, living their own adventures.

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The Illustrator


(From the back cover of the book.)

It was recognized early, that Elsie Archer had a particular interest in art. Determinedly, she pursued her studies under numerous gifted art teachers. Elsie became an RN, married and, after many years of nursing, she was able to devote more time to painting. You may see her work on her website, www.elsiearcher.com.

The Story Behind Leaf


It had been a long day. When my husband walked through the door, I handed our two year old son to him and announced, "I'm going for a walk."

We had just moved from the city where a walk around the block would take ten minutes, maybe fifteen if I dawdled. Out here in the country, a walk around the block was a mile by a mile by a mile by a . . . 

It was much longer. 

Halfway around 'the block,' I was chased by a dog, so by the time I turned onto the last road and headed down the home stretch I was exhausted!

And then what happened?

A Snippet from Leaf's Story


"Leaf slept, curled up tight on the tip of a polar tree branch. He slept and slept and would be sleeping still if Sun hadn't tickled him awake. 

Leaf giggled, but he didn't move. He wanted to stay there forever, dozing and dreaming and bobbing in the breeze. He drifted back to dreamland until the sound of cheerful voices finally roused him from his slumber. 

'Wake up, Leaf! Wake up! It's spring!'"

Want to Hear more?

People love this book!


Children follow Leaf's journey with interest and love finding him on each page. And adults are often surprised by how touched they are by the story. Which really isn't all that surprising. What human alive isn't navigating some sort of change? 

People have bought the book for a sister going through a divorce, for themselves after the death of a beloved pet, for a friend downsizing from a long-time home to an apartment a province away in order to be near grandchildren. I even had friends gently suggest I reread Leaf's story when I was struggling with my oldest son leaving the nest. 

Leaf really is a universal story that speaks to people no matter what their age or situation in life. And Elsie's beautiful illustrations make it a joy to flip through the pages.

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