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$20 CDN

(or $15 CDN each when you buy both Leaf and Jungle)

+ shipping and handling

Down in the Jungle


$20 CDN

(or $15 CDN each when you buy both Leaf and Jungle)

+ shipping and handling

Drop me a line in the form below and we'll chat about quantities, shipping charges, and payment.


You can order from Amazon!


Bear with me as I work to get Leaf and Jungle up on Amazon. (An endeavour that is not for the faint of heart.)

Amazon shopping coming soon!



Coming soon!

We are in the last stages of publication. All that remains is to jump through the technological hoops that will make J-Company available through Amazon. (And there are plenty!)

 If you want to be notified as soon as J-Company comes available, write me a note in the contact form below and I'll put you on the I-want-to-be-the-first-to-know list.

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There are several payment options to choose from.

E-transfers are easiest. PayPal is a secure option. If you feel comfortable giving me your credit card number, I could punch it into my Square reader. Or you could send a good old-fashioned cheque. I'll send the book(s) as soon as I receive the cheque!

Mail cheques to Maxine Spence, Box 364, Didsbury, AB, Canada, T0M 0W0

And if you would rather talk directly to me about your options, you can always call! (403) 650-9080