Soul Medicine

The Shamanic Path

What if you already held your own Medicine? 

What if you could reconnect with deep Wisdom that has been part of humanity for thousands of years and very likely part of your own ancestral lineage? Shamanism predates every religion so chances are someone in your family line practiced it. 

What if you could connect with that Wisdom directly and live your life from that spiritual perspective?

Shamanism is a centuries old way of being in the world that invites us to foster a reciprocal relationship with Spirit. I stepped onto this path because I was concerned about the effect of war on my military son's soul (psychologist Edward Tick describes PTSD as Post Traumatic Soul Distress) and I wanted to learn about Soul Retrieval. So I did, along with a whole lot more. I am excited to share that 'whole lot more' -- and possibly the power of Soul Retrieval -- with you.

Shall we journey together?

Just so you know . . .

Shamanic work is not a one-shot deal or a quick fix. It is a lifestyle -- a way of walking in the world. 

Any positive progress from the work we do together is going to depend on you taking action in your own life and one of the most effective ways to do that is to develop an ongoing relationship with your Spirit Allies. In that way, it's no different from any other important relationship. It takes time. And commitment.

I commit to teaching you everything I know to the best of my ability. I ask that you commit, at least for a little while, to seeing the world with shamanic eyes.

The Details

Retrieve Your Medicine

When we are born, several Spirit Allies align with us. One of these is known as our Power Animal. 

Had we been born into a culture that recognizes this, we would have nurtured a relationship with our Spirit Allies throughout our life. Sadly, that is not the norm in the western world and we miss out on the extraordinary gifts that come with this relationship.

In this session, you will learn the Cosmology of Shamanism, including an introduction to the Upper, Middle, and Lower Worlds, as well as how to retrieve your Medicine in the form of a Power Animal.

Set aside three hours for this exploration. It is preferable to do this in person, but long-distance sessions are also possible.


Upper World and Middle World Explorations

If you learned how to retrieve your Power Animal with me, we will discuss any questions that have arisen from the journeys you've taken since we last met. 

If we have not worked together previously, but you have already learned to retrieve your Power Animal, we will start by making sure we're on the same page (shamanically speaking) and talk about your journeying experiences to date.  

Then we will turn our attention to meeting and working with your Upper World Teacher in Human Form as well as making several Middle World journeys to connect with the spirits of the natural world. 

If you prefer to start your shamanic explorations here, rather than learning how to retrieve your Power Animal first, that is entirely doable.

Set aside three hours for this exploration. It is preferable to do this in person, but long-distance sessions are also possible.


Shamanic Work

From a shamanic perspective illnesses or difficulties, whether physical or mental, are caused by an imbalance in the spiritual realm.

When we are filled with our own spiritual power, we are in balance, therefore we are healthy. When our spiritual power is weak, we are more susceptible to things that cause imbalance and, therefore, more susceptible to illness. The best thing we can do to keep ourselves spiritually strong is to develop an on-going relationship with our Spirit Allies.

At its simplest, shamanic work consists of bringing things back into balance by either removing what doesn’t belong (this is called Extraction) or adding/returning what is missing (Power Animal Retrieval or Soul Retrieval).

For this session, I will journey on your behalf to see what, if any, shamanic work would be of benefit to you and then, with the assistance of my Spirit Allies, do that work.

Important note:  Ideally, you will already be in relationship with your Power Animal before I do any shamanic work on your behalf.

If needed, I can retrieve your Power Animal for you during the session, but I highly recommend that you learn how to do it yourself. It is much more effective and empowering (not to mention magical) for you to retrieve your own Medicine. Once you learn how to make that connection, you can journey again and again to your Power Animal to ask for guidance and to receive  your Spirit Ally's power, protection, and healing on an on-going basis. (Think of it as learning how to fish for yourself rather than asking someone to cook you a one-fish meal.)

I'm so convinced of the importance of this, that I am willing to offer the Retrieve Your Medicine and Shamanic Work sessions for $160 ($80 each). In exchange for this reduced price, I request that both dates be booked and paid for in advance. We can also combine both these sessions into one appointment.

If you want me to retrieve your Power Animal for you (assuming it's indicated for the session), the cost for the Shamanic Work session will be $135.


If you have already retrieved your Power Animal, or if Power Animal Retrieval is not indicated for the session, the cost for a Shamanic Work session is $95

An Entire Day of Soul Medicine Exploration & Learning

There are few things more delicious than removing yourself from Ordinary Reality for an entire day!

Our time together begins at 10:00 and ends between 5:00 and 6:00 pm.

I provide lunch.

We begin by sharing a cup of sacred hot chocolate as we check in. I explain the Cosmology of Shamanism and you learn how to journey to the Lower World to retrieve your Power Animal. 

After that, it depends on what is emerging for you. So far, every day-long session has started in the same way, while Part Two varies from person to person. 

It might take a few tries for you to journey to the Lower World. It could be that you learn how to journey to the Upper World to meet your Teacher in Human Form and/or that you spend time with Nature Spirits in the Middle World and/or that I do shamanic work on your behalf and/or . . . it really is an organic unfolding. 

I try to be sure that you make at least two journeys to either the Upper or Lower World (preferably both) but Spirit sometimes has a different agenda. 

The important thing to remember is that no matter what happens or doesn’t happen everything is a learning.


If a full day doesn't work for you . . .

. . . but you know you want to experience everything a full day offers (minus lunch), we can divide the work into the three sessions outlined above:

Retrieve Your Medicine, 

Upper and Middle World Explorations

Shamanic Work

and create a schedule that fits your life.

In appreciation for your willingness to pay up-front and schedule all three dates in advance, I will provide these sessions at a reduced rate.


Shamanism is About Community

It was never meant to be a solo endeavour. And besides, everything is more delicious when it is shared!

Bring a friend (or son or daughter or sibling or partner in business or life) to learn with you and enjoy a reduced rate. 

Retrieve Your Medicine - $80 each

Upper and Middle World Explorations - $80 each

Full Day of Shamanic Exploration - $260 each

Full Day divided into three sessions - $240 each

Shamanic Work - Because your friend's role is to support the work being done on your behalf, there is no charge for them to be there. If you are both wanting shamanic work done, please contact me, as there are several things to consider. (In the meantime, please read the note in the section about Shamanic Work above.)

Ready to Step into Non-Ordinary Reality?

I would be honoured to help you remember this ancient way of walking in the world.

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What would be of most service to you?

Send me a note and we'll start our journey together. 

You Might Want to Sit with This for a Bit

I know I like to hang out with new people and ideas for awhile before I dive into a deeper relationship. If that's your style, too, you might be interested in receiving a letter I'll be writing every now and then. Part of the letter will include more in-depth information about shamanism.